Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Style Council

Well, I'll be.

Or rather, I am. Pleased, that is; pleased as punch, even. Two floors down from tickled pink and across the hall from happy as a clam, if you want to get technical about it.

But even if you don't want to get technical about it (and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't), you might want to know this: it's not a half-bad way to feel.

Okay, so maybe you already knew that. Maybe you're pleased as punch right this very minute, sitting there thinking, "Well, duh. Why doesn't she just get on high and tell us breathing's not half-bad, either?"

Or maybe you're the chronically, perhaps even congenitally, pleased sort -- and if it weren't for finding "The Collected Poems of Rod McKuen" in my attic one long ago spring cleaning, I'd never have believed such people existed -- in which case you, too, are thinking, "Well, duh..."

Fair enough. I'd probably be thinking much the same thing if the foot was in the other mouth, or if I was standing on your side of the fence, or, well, never mind. All this warm fuzzy business has clearly gone to my head.

And why wouldn't it? When you've been in a state of agitation for as long as I have (how long, exactly, I couldn't say for certain. I do know that Rolling Stone magazine was still about music and Miz Lillian was the First Mother when I started answering the phone the way the late Dorothy Parker used to answer hers -- "What fresh hell is this?" -- but answering machines were invented shortly thereafter, and life tickled me pink on many a subsequent occasion, and before I knew it, it was the 90s and I wasn't so much agitated as I was angry, tempered by frequent, if fleeting, bouts of joy, and after that, well, that brings us to the present. Let's just say a long time.) "pleased as punch" is the last place you'd expect to find yourself.

But thanks to our very own City Council, or two-fifths of it, at least, pleased as punch is where I am, and boy, is it a swell place to be. I dare say a girl could get used to this.

Of course, I probably shouldn't -- get used to it, that is -- because, let's be honest: I don't really belong here. I can't even vote, not on any Ojai-specific things, anyway.

Oh, sure, I've got the right zip code and belong to all the same property tax rolls as the folks who flood City Hall on Tuesday nights; I'm even part of the same "community" as they are, I just don't have the right address.

Consequently, I didn't get any say in what 200 of my fellow community members proposed last Tuesday night -- even though they proposed it in my name and, yes, even though I agree that the United States Attorney General does tend to take things a bit too far.

But that doesn't mean I would've signed their petition, a petition declaring, what, exactly? That I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? That I'm taking my marbles and going home? Nyah, nyah, nyah, we don't like you, Mr. Ashcroft?

Please. That's not my style. And it's not the style of another 10,000 or more people living downwind from City Hall, either. People whose children attend Ojai schools, whose dollars support Ojai business, who volunteer their services to Ojai organizations and support Ojai-based charities, people who, despite their very Ojai-ness, were all but invisible to their petition-circulating neighbors last Tuesday night.

Fortunately, it wasn't the style of two out of five City Council members, both of whom showed the petitioners the real meaning of "thinking globally, acting locally."

And I couldn't be more pleased about that.



At January 30, 2009 11:33 AM , Blogger Stevie said...

Tie these all in a common thread together, like a missing link revealed well at the end of your rants and you have a Hollywood Movie.

Has anyone ever found out where that fart bag Michael Moore is now that terrorism will truly be blamed on terrorists and justice will be the rule of law in the White House?

I’d buy you a tape recorder to capture further expletives but Target has no more $8.00 an hour employees to help the same throng of people in line and in the parking lot during this time of consumer discomfort and confidence in the economy.

MBA executives that earned the honored 500K a year jobs all have managed to miss the college class on 20 year business planning strategies, but I guess those classes were taught by the Non Socialist Professors and Working Class Utopia Association of America; Commonly referred by the Communist Party as the scum (NSPWCAA). Now we all can enjoy the fact of paranoia associated with losing our $7.00 an hour jobs as dishwashers, having been recently employed by restaurants that couldn’t make a profit with bar liquor sales that brought in 300% profit per glass of booze.

Of course these 500K CFOs know better and see a wave of discord and lack luster sales so they have to finally DO something. After all, they don’t want to lose their Mercedes of the Month give away credits at their local Golf Club and Spa Membership Parties.

These windbag viper pig shit brained CBOs, CEOs and CTOs can’t take a loss, after all, they worked hard finding creative cheating methods during their finals at their local Aplha Beta Phi drinking binges while "struggling" though college.

Things are tough and these financial giants now are taking the lead of their fellow educated leaders by selling their Lear Jets and dropping the families poodle hair appointments as the economy takes a real bite out of their lifestyles.

Of course we don’t want an editorial Hollywood movie from that truth; The mirrors might all break in their newly remodeled 1000 sq. ft bathrooms that they have spent hours in arguments and divorce proceedings from their selfish spoiled women and men in their lives.

It truly will become a tale of two cities. Too bad the crowds will be busy being convinced by leaders with their heads in the clouds about how they sympathize with the crowd that simply needs to eat their cake and shut the hell up.

Oh that’s right, food in a fridge goes bad when that little light stops coming on when the door is opened.

At January 30, 2009 12:13 PM , Blogger Cartoonist SK said...

Why don't my messages of excellence appear on this website? Hehehehe Maybe I don't want them to. Oh by the way crowd.... That Kelly is a sweetheart in reality. When you remove the Political stuff, (Hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,She's gotta point dont't ya know, all ya find there is the sweetest of candies and a heart of compassion that is so hard to find in our society as we know it.

Rock on Kellser! Give em hell cause if you don't, I sure as shootin and tootin will.



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